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30Years development course

Pass byThirty yearsCompany of biomedical fields

Sales wide geographical coverage

In the biomedical field vaccine development

A health oriented modern science and technology enterprises,An effort The Great Wall to construct national health protection,With independent intellectual property rights, domestic initiation quadruple vaccine,To grasp the world vaccine frontier technology commanding height of science and technology enterprise internationalization vaccine。In vaccine research projects25Items,One of them5Had applied for the national drug production approval documents registered,11The item has been approved for clinical,1Has applied for clinical research,8Ongoing preclinical studies。Company is located in shenzhen nanshan science park branch road6Number,The registered capital6.34One hundred million yuan

Management advantages

Quality management covers from product research and development、Trial production、Raw materials procurement、Product production process、Inspection、Finished product storage and delivery process

Company has strong technical strength,With domestic leading new vaccines and multigang polyvalent vaccine research and development center,Is one of the first national high and new technology enterprise

Technical advantage

The registered capital6.34One hundred million yuan,With science and technology park in shenzhen and Beijing research and development production base,Shenzhen vaccine research and development production base of light is about to be put into use,R&d center area of more than5000Square meters,Have all kinds of purification and test equipment

Resource advantage

Team the advantage

Company full-time researchers100Many people,Where a number of core technical personnel to participate in multiple"863"The national key research projects

“The six dimensions”The inspection,Conde creatures2019Shenzhen leading list of biological science and technology leader
“Quality is life”,Conde won excellent quality group and individual honor
Performance of the corporate social responsibility actively,Conde won“Love enterprise”The title
Pneumonia“Buster”:Conde creatures23Successful ipo price pneumococcus vaccine
Conde biological shortlisted2018The annual China biological medicine enterpriseTOP10List
Understand 23Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine,Look at this article is enough
The first vaccine administration in our country Will be the most strict management system
Second liver antibody disappear,How to make vaccine more effective?
Popular science/The hepatitis b vaccine,Not once and for all?
Will be from the silence of the vaccine industry

2017Years6Month16Day,Conde biological donation that the heteropoly county in qinghai320Vaccine supplies of $ten thousand。