Optimal network

Website building process

1、Customers would discuss
The two sides communication,Understand the purpose of design,Customers to provide comprehensive materials(The basic contact data、Company profile、Product categories、Product pictures、Factory pictures、Company qualification)

2、Determine the requirements,Make plan
The initial plan formulation according to customer's requirements,The two sides to negotiate further、Modification、Added,To reach a consensus

3、Signing the contract,To pay for website
Both sides determine site construction plan details and price,Both parties have to sign《The website construction contract》The customer pays for the website construction。

4、Building program,On-line testing
A comprehensive design and production all pages,Website backstage application development、The database, and other functions,According to the customer's product design to optimize website,Optimize the site code。Until he finished the overall design。

5、Site content
According to the customer to provide data to improve site content,To adjust the overall layout of the test again。Confirm and correct。

6、Customer acceptance,Web site online
Customer acceptance,After no opinion,Website opened,Construction completed
There is a problem for feedback,By our technicians to adjust processing。Website opened after satisfaction,Construction completed。

Optimize the process

1、Confirm the site keywords
Determine the site keywords according to customer's requirements,And in view of the keywords are analyzed,Find out the most suitable word。Bid on keywords,After double confirmed,We arrange technical personnel to optimize,The following three kinds of charging ways。
(1)One-time charge website optimization,The customer to pay first,We arrange technical personnel to optimize,Can not meet the specified effect,Return the entire cost of the optimization。
(2)Pay first30%Optimization of costs,To pay again after the rest of the effect70%Fees。
(3)Customers pay a monthly fee,The overall cost divided by the number12Fill the whole,To optimize the charge customers regularly by the month。

2、According to the above payment method,Customers can choose their suitable payment method,We are professional website optimization the success rate of the optimization of the technology99%,We will evaluate the keywords and early,Difficult word we will not receive this job,We are also doing business to make money,Sure we will meet。

3、 We will give free design according to the customer's word analysis involves more long tail word web site,Make your site to achieve the effect of site optimization,Make your site to get more traffic。

4、Cooperate happily,Let us help you get more customers,You also introduce more customers to us。Grow up together。

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